The Art of Effortless Living

About Caren

Life is meant to be Effortless

I used to live my Life according to what other people expected. I lived from mind and thoughts and I adapted to others and other people’s wishes. Trying to fit in and trying to be accepted, I did my very best to please others, build a career, think of others and do the things that were expected of me as a daughter, a co-worker, a friend, a neighbour. In that way I completely forgot about myself, about my boundaries and about my feelings. Did not even know I had feelings anymore, although I am a very sensitive person.?

I was tired all the time, not understanding why I did not have more energy or passion for Life for that matter. Until I realized that Life was not meant to be this way. Starting to understand that I am in charge of my Life and that I myself decide what is good for me. Being sensitive easily made me being focused on others and on the outside world but my inner world was much more important. And interesting for that matter.

Trust my body

As a non-understood sensitive child, Life was overwhelming. My inner child did not feel save and to survive, she withdrew herself. Feelings were not allowed to be shown and I had no idea how to handle them, other than to ignore them as much as possible. The fact that I had stomach aches after each meal, distracted me form feeling these emotions even more. The stomach aches were at that point in my life very welcome, the emotional pain I could pretty well ignore. Since there was no explanation for the pain in my stomach, also this pain I had to deal with by myself in the only way I knew how: suppressing and neglecting the pain. I was not supposed to complain or even talk about it. More the reason for my inner child to withdraw. Thoughts took over very quickly since feeling was too painful and complicated.

Eventually, I learned to trust my body, to feel and no longer live my Life from thoughts and mind. From being in mind, I entered my body and started to feel again. Now I shape my Life by feeling at a deep level. I have thoughts but that surely is not what I am. I am something much stronger, more powerful, lighter and more loving. Within me is that what is supposed to lead my Life: Consciousness. Now, I allow my Life to be led by Life itself. This was a big change, for sure for the better. And now Life is effortless.


When Prana came my way everything fell into place even more. I learned about Prana, about this Life Energy and my life completely changed. I completely changed. Pranic energy contains all. There is nothing else needed. Living of Prana is living from my Pure Self and is effortless. My body, my appearance got lighter and so was my energy. Prana gives me freedom and wings to fly. I fly, I float, I am being carried. That is when DragonFly entered my world. With 4 wings as my basis, I feel whole and complete.

Prana: Life energy, freely and abundantly available for all

Body: Our vehicle and our guide in feeling and living effortlessly

Purity: Living the essence and from the light and love that we are

Freedom: Needing nothing, just being, being spacious, open and light

And of course, DragonFly also stands for transformation, effortlessness and passion for Life. And let’s not forget eager, fiery, liveliness, resilience, fortitude and cheerfulness.

My name is Caren.

Care with an extra ‘n’. In Dutch an extra ‘n’ is often added to express plural. So, that is me.

I care. A lot. For other human beings. For Mother Earth. For Life. For myself. I learned to take care of myself in the hard way. I was so focused on others and the outside world, taking care of all except myself, that I completely forgot who I was, what I am, what I felt and what I liked.
Besides this, when my name is pronounced in English with a little of a Dutch accent, it sounds a lot like the Dutch word for core (‘kern’). I get to the core quickly, like to cut the chase and go. Like ‘Core’ is my middle name.

I love being in nature and wander around in forests. Prana is so pure and almost tangible in nature. I prefer pure things, coming directly from nature. Lately I have been trying to detach as much as I can. From thoughts and beliefs of course but also from material possessions. Why do I have so much stuff anyway?
Playing and being playful is an important part of my being. Before was not much room for playing but now that I live of Prana and feel free, being playful is back in my life. This includes being teasing, having fun and laughing a lot.
I have a strong energetic connection with the Andes and Himalayan mountains, ancient Egypt and from the Egyptian connection, also with the dolphins in the Red Sea; speaking about playfulness 😉

I really like(d) potato chips and French fries

The latter in the Dutch way: with lots of mayonnaise. And chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Maybe because it is a heart opener or maybe only because of the taste of it.
Prana is playing such a big role in my life that I live of Prana. I do not need food or drinks any longer. Prana is feeding me. I still do eat, but only when it feels right at a deep level. I feel deeply what my body, my system, needs. Concerning material possessions, that is less and less and surely concerning food. Often that is nothing and sometimes it just wants to eat, but never much anymore. Eating just a little bit every now and then, resonates nowadays. Possibly to keep me grounded and not to fly away too far.

This makes me think: Can I fly too high? From within a deep state of Consciousness the answer is there immediately: no way, never ever!
Maybe for balance, besides flying high as a DragonFly, the dolphins make me dive deep. With their pure Consciousness, their profoundness and their unconditional love, the dolphins stimulate to go in worth into myself, into my deep feelings and into my beingness. Deep into what needs to be seen, what wants to come to the surface within me so it can heal and I heal. This creates space and emptiness. Divine Healing Prana can now flow completely freely through me and I can just be, as a deep steady Consciousness. Which makes my Life effortless and of course joyful, peaceful, loving and so much more. The combination of diving deep and flying high gives me the best experiences I can imaging. And therefore gives me the best Life for which I am really really grateful.

Life is meant to be effortless

That is the only belief I still have. And that is my contribution to this world. Supporting others in living effortlessly. The greatest fulfilment for me is that we all support each other to live effortlessly. So we all achieve peace of mind, Consciousness and containing and conveying Light energy so this world will be a better place.

Want to Fly like a DragonFly? Dare to dive deep? Do you take the challenge of becoming the True and Pure you that you really are?

For more information, questions and connection, feel free to connect, effortlessly.

With Love, Caren

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