What is Healing Prana

Healing Prana Is

experienced when the self-healing ability of our body is activated and Life energy flows freely through you. Effortlessly!

Our body has a self-healing ability that is unlimited. Divine Healing Prana is Life energy, freely available, unlimited and it stimulates Life.
When both Prana and the self-healing ability are activated and aligned, you feel and experience pure Consciousness again.

For optimal alignment, blockages in the body should be released. These blockages of old pain and trauma, beliefs, thoughts, programming and conditioning, prevent Prana from flowing freely and are obstructing the self-healing ability. They withhold you from feeling whole, blissful, peaceful, connection and love. When released, however, you are able to obtain a happy, healthy and complete life. Effortlessly!

Simple and logical

There is an emotional component and sometimes even cause behind every physical complaint and illness. You might already be aware of this. These emotional components contain trauma, old stored emotions, beliefs, negative thoughts and Life experiences.
Food (eating and drinking) can be a stimulant for diseases: certain foods can cause certain diseases, this is well known, also in the medical world. Besides that, when having certain complaints, there is certain food that you should better avoid consuming.

Cell Division

Divine Healing Prana works at cellular level. Our cells have cell memory and therefore contain memories, at conscious and unconscious level. All negative experiences, e.g. illnesses, old emotions and negative thoughts, whether in the present or in the past, will be passed on through cell division because of this cell memory. This means that diseases and complaints are multiplied within the cells and will keep giving you the same experiences.
So, cells need to be cleansed to make sure that through cell division the old, negative memories are not transmitted into new cells. In fact, you want your cells to only make new clear, pure, healthy cells so that cell division only produces these same clear, pure and healthy cells. In this way you will not look or feel older but even start to rejuvenate.

Influence of eating

Concerning eating, if you only eat and drink what resonates at a deep level of feeling and knowing, your cells will be more healthy. As you might know, digesting food takes a lot of energy. And when digesting, information about the food and about the process of digesting, will be stored in the cell memory and copied into new cells through cell division. It is important to only eat and drink what resonates at a deep level and also to not consume too much food. Only then, cell memory will contain less negative information from food and the digestion of food. Besides, digesting takes a lot of energy. So much even, it creates stress in the bodily system, especially when you eat (or drink) a lot and/or things that do not really resonate with you. When only eating the kind of food and the quantity of food which resonates at a deep level of Consciousness, Prana can flow more freely, because digesting no or hardly any food creates more peace and quiet in the bodily system.

Letting go of negative experiences that are contained in the cell memory, is of utmost importance. This means you have to work on healing old (childhood) emotions and pains, traumas, negative thoughts and beliefs that are stored in your cells and form blockades in your body that prevent Divine Healing Prana from flowing freely.

Feeling into your body

That is where feelings start to play a big role. Feeling at a deep level is necessary: What does this bodily system really want? This deep feeling we can call Consciousness. To be able to feel at a deep level, old pain and trauma need to be felt through. Also, letting go of beliefs, programming and thoughts plays an important role. They too form blockages in your body. Besides, they are stored in cell memory and beliefs and thoughts are very strong and powerful. Due to the effect of cell division, you do want your cells to be released from all negative thoughts and beliefs.

You will want to learn how to feel in a different way. Not being led by thoughts and ideas but by Life (i.e. Life Intelligence) itself; allowing your Life to be led by Life itself. Then feeling at a deep level within yourself becomes possible. You will become more Conscious and begin living Consciously and Effortlessly. This can only be done when Divine Healing Prana is freely flowing.

Expanding Consciousness

When Prana flows freely through your body, your energy will start to resonate with the energy of all your experiences, choices and surroundings, including other humans. Same frequencies attract same frequencies and go together in balance and peace. Different frequencies collide, like thunder in a thunder storm. To resonate is to find peace and bliss within yourself and to find love and light and pure Consciousness.

Once you are aware of this whole process and start living and resonating from Consciousness, all areas of your life will start to find their natural balance. You will be centered into yourself and being able to let Prana flow through you, letting Divine Healing Prana and Consciousness lead your Life. This is effortless because you do not need to force yourself doing certain things, your thoughts will not be leading your life. When you follow Life itself, Life is how it is meant to be: Effortless.

Following Life itself

Following Life itself, will allow you to find your frequency and to find the lifestyle and right livelihood that fully resonates with you. The only thing you need to do is to find your own optimal way of living with Divine Healing Prana. Because that is the Art to Effortless Living.

Are you ready and willing to challenge yourself to let Divine Healing Prana flow freely through you and learn the Art of Effortless Living?

If so, book your free 30 minutes introduction call here without any effort and let us explore together the possibilities for you.

With Love, Caren

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