Healing Prana

By Caren DragonFly

When you feel lost in life

Does life seem such an effort to you?

Are you always working hard and doing your utmost?

Feeling chronically fatigued and not getting to where you want to be?

Are you overthinking everything?

Constantly trying to meet the expectations of others?

Do you experience disorderly eating patterns and a love-hate relationship with food?

Or do you have allergies, skin complaints or other (chronic) physical health issues?

Do you feel lost in life?


An effortless life is possible for you too

You live on autopilot and are stuck in survival patterns and habits that you have been taught or have picked up as a child. All this is coming from your mind and thoughts. You do not know anymore what you actually want and feel, which makes life difficult and tiresome.

Getting back in touch with your feelings and being aware of what you are doing and what you really want, is the way towards effortless living. Through Healing Prana I support and guide you in this change.

Are you longing for:

Feeling instead of thinking?

Structuring your work and personal life in a way that suits you?

Healthy eating habits that give you no burdens?

Peace and quietness?

Resonance and harmony in your life?

Services Healing Prana

For individuals

Let the Divine Life Energy of Healing Prana flow through you. Start living effortlessly from your Consciousness and true feelings so you find Inner Peace.

For groups

Let the Divine Life Energy of the group support you to feeling deep into Consciousness and find the deeper meaning of Life. Effortlessly.

Employers & employees

Start working from the Heart instead of working hard. You will again feel inspired, involved and connected so work becomes passionate and effortless.

who is caren

Peace and quiet within me

My name is Caren. Care with an extra ‘n’. In Dutch an extra ‘n’ is often added to express plural. So, that is me. A lot of Care! I had to deal with a number of issues in my life as well. I was dragging myself through life until I realized I was not living my life the way I wanted, the way it was meant to be and certainly not to the fullest. And not even close to effortless!

I lived from my mind, by expectations of others, according to conditioning and beliefs and without feeling my true emotions or being conscious of what I truly wanted. Every day I had stomach aches and had to deal with food allergies and intolerances. I did not have a standard eating pattern which was also influenced by emotional eating.

Through these experiences, I discovered something was wrong, something was missing and then my search for change began. I understood that besides suppressing my feelings, also my eating habits, took a lot of energy and caused these physical issues. This lack of energy and even more so the physical issues I experienced, hindered my spiritual growth. When I started to allow myself to feel again and to allow to eat whatever resonated with me, peace and quiet came into my head and into my body. This was the start of healing my body and mind and the beginning of experiencing effortless living which was followed and strengthened by my spiritual growth.


What is Healing Prana

Healing Prana is experienced when the self-healing ability of your body is activated and Divine Life Energy flows freely through you. Effortlessly!

Our body has a self-healing ability that is unlimited. Prana is Life Energy, always freely and unlimited available and it stimulates Life. When both the flow of Prana and the self-healing ability are activated and aligned, you experience being pure Consciousness again.

For optimal alignment, energy blockages in the body should be released. These blockages of old pain and trauma, beliefs, thoughts and conditioning, prevent Prana from flowing freely and are obstructing the self-healing ability. They withhold you from feeling whole, bliss, peaceful, connection and Love. When released, however, you are able to live a happy, healthy and complete Life. Effortlessly!

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With Love, Caren

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