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Obviously, Effortless Living is meant for everyone.

Divine Healing Prana is abundant available and has no restrictions whatsoever. Healing Prana is not working exclusively or leaving certain groups out. If for you it feels like recognition and resonance, you might feel this as an invitation to contact me. When resonance is in place, you might (almost automatically and surely effortlessly) do so. Although sometimes you might feel resistance since ego and mind like to keep things the way they are. They rather have you in a bad place, than in a place that they do not know and where they might no longer be in control.

However, there are certain themes that I can say are my expertise. I also have experienced leakages of energy and trauma in my life and have built up blockages in my body. Being Human, of course I did so and sometimes I still do. I am very grateful that already I have cleared a lot of blockages and whenever I experience something that would have become a blockage in the past, I know how to take care of it fast, so it is not set into my bodily system.
The topics in which I experienced the most emotions, physical pains and believes that do me no good, have become my specialties. Looking back, it seems there was a reason for all these experiences. They are all linked together and come together. This makes them suitable for me in giving support to others on the separate topics and as a whole. For me it all comes together in Healing Prana.

Whatever issue or theme that is in your life and wants attention, I can give you guidance and support about. Although there are no restrictions and no one and no theme is left out, I mention specialties in which I have much experiences myself and have specialized myself in.

Disorderly eating habits

As a child, especially as an infant, concerning food intake we are dependable on the good intentions of our parents. Most likely they following the structures that general practitioners, pediatrician etc. claim to be best. Mostly this means there are certain moments and times that you should eat and surely as a baby, certain amounts that you should eat. When growing up, this continues in generally accepted structures, often 3x a day a meal that is found appropriate and healthy by your parents or caretakers. This of course with the best intentions. These structures are general and not looking at the (little) individual’s personal needs. So your needs might not me met at all.
Surely sensitive children and also sensitive grownups, are not benefiting from these structures. Therefore, you might have come across eating habits that are not supportive for you and actually are doing you no good. You can be conscious of this or not but probably you are aware that you follow the structures as are accepted in our society. However, this is conditioning and programming and is not in tune with your personal needs.
I experienced this myself for many years and only far into my adulthood, understood that the way I was eating, was not good for me. After every meal I had a stomach age, which meant that I had these aches every day and all day. Besides that, I was tired all the time and had lots of allergies. When I started eating in the way that suited me, that resonates with me, these diseases all disappeared.
This applies of course also to other disorderly habits that we have based on structures, programs and conditioning by our parents and by society. This is why I find it important to pay attention to these programs and believes as far as they do not suit you (any longer).

Trauma release and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

When you experienced a traumatic event in the past, you might still get triggered when consciously or subconsciously you are reminded of this experience. You will then react in a way that others will see as too extreme, as overreactive. You cannot do anything about this since the traumatic event is fixed into your body and is becoming active when triggered. PTSD is a burden to carry and can give quite some explosive reactions. This we can release by getting the fixed emotion into movement again. Unlike certain therapies, you do not have to relive the experience. You only have to be open to, when the trauma is triggered again, live through the feelings that you experience at that moment.
You will need a safe environment to do so. I will offer you this environment and with compassion and unconditional understanding, I can help you through the experience. When you allow yourself to heal in this way, the trauma and PTSD will start to move and eventually leave your body.

Old fixed (childhood) emotions and pains

Unfortunately, we all have fixed emotions that are stored in our bodies. For parents raising their children, it is a challenge to get them through childhood as undamaged as possible. We all have our damages and pains. All emotions and pains stored in our bodies, prevent Prana from flowing freely. This means that they are blockages of living freely and blockages for energies flowing freely through our bodies.
It is very relieving when you become free of these blockages. The blockages being emotions and feelings, makes them want to be felt. You were not able to feel them before and therefore, not to feel them, consciously or more likely unconsciously, made them being stored into your body. It might be time to release and heal them so you can have a more easy and flowing life. Effortless Living!

High Sensitive Persons

High Sensitive Persons (HSP) sense a lot in the outside world and have a more sensitive inner world. That means they have to deal with lots of energies and feelings. A lot of times this gives you a feeling of vulnerability. Since for most of the HSP there is no understanding and no taking into account, you tend to be misunderstood and to not feel accepted for who you are. Then it feels more safe to stay away from your own feelings with the logical response to get more focused on what is happening around you. Being focused on the feelings of others in your surroundings, you will lose contact with your own feelings and with what you want. And ultimately with what is good for you.
As a high sensitive person myself, I have learned to use my sensibility as a quality. By doing so, I also learned to get in contact again with myself, my feelings and my wishes. I do now know what is good for me and what is not. That helped me to set boundaries and take care of my own needs.

Autism spectrum disorder

I support quite some persons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) within my Healing Prana practice but also as an ambulatory caretaker. I really enjoy doing so. For me persons with ASD characteristics (with or without diagnoses), are pure and sensitive; I would call them HSP. Since their stimulus processing works differently combined with their sensitivity, they experience our society as hard to fit into. I do however feel they have a great deal to offer our society. I really like to help them find their way in every day live and support them to become their Pure and Authentic self.

Overthinking and stress

Our society and our way of living, stimulate us to live from mind and therefore from thoughts. We are supposed to think about everything and make decisions based on our thoughts, after analysis preferably. This makes us vulnerably to start overthinking and to lose all contact with our feelings. Most of us have not learned to deal with our feelings so (over)thinking is even stimulated more.
I have experienced myself how you can get away from your feelings, eventually not even know how to feel anymore. Mind and thoughts have taken over. This makes your head feel busy, overloaded and creates lots of restlessness and unrest. We get tired of our own thoughts but cannot stop them and worst of all, we listen to them as if that is what we are. Learning to feel again and letting thoughts no longer determine your life, is the solution for an easy and Effortless Life.

Expansion of Consciousness

We are so much more than we are aware of. Most of us grew up to belief that we are our thoughts and our ego. That we have to live from mind and that knowledge is what brings us further in life, having no idea about what we truly are and wat Consciousness is. This often means that you live on an automatic pilot and according to what other expect of you.
Learning that we are so much more and uncovering our Pure Self, gives us so much more. When you expand your Consciousness, life becomes much more joyful, loving, lighter and of course effortless. I expanded my Consciousness quite some time ago and still do. Life has been so much better ever since. No more tiredness, no more allergies, no lack of self-confidence or of self-knowledge. I feel so much lighter. I am grateful to support other in living this same Effortless Life.

Raising energies

Everything in life is energy and in energy all things are connected. Energy, measured in frequencies, consists of waves and all waves lengths, attract the same wave lengths. When different frequencies come together, there will be collision. Like clouds in a thunderstorm.
We as humans have energy too. The frequency of your energy is defined by the Pureness of your Being and by how freely Divine Healing Prana is flowing through your body. The higher the frequency, the better you will feel. Negative emotions for example, have low levels of energies and move very slowly. Being happy and grateful for example, have high frequency levels and move very fast. Therefore, this energy will quickly attract others who hold the same frequency.
I have been working with my own energy for years and enjoy supporting you to raise your energy frequency. Not only because you literally will have more energy, but much more you will be more happy and live a happy and Effortless Life.

Grieve and loss guidance

There are many forms of loss and all will come with grieve. We often have not learned how to grieve and carry the loss with us as a big burden, not being able to intertwine the loss in life over time. Also, we often are unaware that certain events, such as divorce, moving and retirement, have to do with loss and therefore with grieve.
Letting grieve be part of your life whenever it occurs, is important to make sure it will not be stored into your body where it will be a blockage of your energy.
I have dealt with all the grieves I have experienced in my life. I learned how to grieve and to intertwine it in my life. Everyone grieves in their own way and I gladly help you find your way. For big and for seemingly small losses. For sensitive persons, grieve could appear more often and more intense in their lives. Persons with ASD also might experience quite some losses. That is one of the reasons I followed a course to be a counsel in grieve and loss.

Death Doula

In our society, talking about death is not common and often people feel awkward when spoken about. For persons that do feel they will not live long on this earth plane anymore or persons who feel life in this human form is not infinite, support can we very welcome. There might be questions about Life itself, about how to come to terms and their might be wishes and needs that when fulfilled, will help to end Life in the best possible way.
I feel very grateful to support you in the last period and last moments of your life. To support you in dealing with feelings about death and about daring to look death in the eyes. Learning to face death.
Of course this last process on earth is a very personal process and therefore differs for each individual. We will look deeply into Consciousness and the role Consciousness has in your process. Since Consciousness is what is left after, it is very healing and relieving when spoken about. I feel great gratitude and beauty in supporting you on your final journey home.

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